Healthcare Industry

"St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center purchased an IPC Eagle CT 110 ETS.  The main reasoning for the purchase of this product was to improve the appearance of our urethane floor finish by utilizing the high-speed micro-fiber cleaning process.  We have been more than pleased and the machine has even exceeded our expectations.  In addition to the performance of the CT 110 ETS, we have also had the pleasure of working with Kevin Mullins of IPC.  In our industry, it is a relief to know that not only our purchased products perform, but also that the companies we purchase from providing us with professional and timely service when needed.  The relationship that we have developed with IPC Eagle has been beneficial and always very professional.  I look forward to the continued relationships and partnerships we have built with IPC Eagle."  

~Maurice E. Croteau, Supervisor Hospitality Services, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

We understand providing clean, safe, healthy facilities is more than just buying cleaning

supplies and equipment. It's about people. It's about providing the right systems,

training, and motivation that elevates your staff to deliver exceptional results. Results that enhance the level of care at your facility.

Results like:

  • Reducing the threat of cross-contamination and Healthcare-Associated Infections.
  • Meeting the ever-increasing demands of heightened compliance standards.
  • Exceeding the quality expectations of all stakeholders including patients, residents, family and staff.
  • Simplifying the procurement process through web-based order management and e-commerce platform integration.
  • Delivering clean, safe, healthy facilities at the lowest total cost.


IPC Eagle Healthcare Solutions Include:

Patient Rooms

Indoor and Outdoor Parking

Common Areas


Loading Docks

Procedure Rooms