Speed Brush Pure Water Window Cleaning System

Product Details: 
Pure Water Window Cleaning System

The first brush designed specifically for cleaning glass

(Not a converted truck wash brush!)


  • Designed to glide on glass with less fatigue allowing you to clean longer, be more productive, clean faster all while still getting the great performance you expect
  • Specifically engineered soft synthetic bristles “flare out” to glide on the window ensuring all corners and edges are cleaned without damaging window frames
  • Flared bristles prevent brush block hitting the frame and reducing noise for building occupants
  • Utilizes more surface area of the bristles to reduce brush strokes compared to brushes which clean only with the tips of their bristles
  • Designed to hold water between brush and glass for better cleaning without the water deflection of other brushes and allowing for prolonged use of the water
  • Speed Brush has a 14" cleaning width or you can use with the double brush adapter for a total of 26"
  • Also available in natural bristles (boars hair) for more water retention and a more aggressive scrub

26” Double Brush Adapter

  • Enables operator to use 2 Speed Brushes side by side at the same time, cutting cleaning time in half on large windows or surfaces
  • Can be used with synthetic or natural bristle Speed Brushes
  • Available in 3 different sizes of goosenecks, 4”, 8” & 16”,  all adjustable goosenecks for added strength

Boars Hair Brush

  • Unique design utilizes both ends of the boars hair which provides two different size bristles for improved cleaning with less drag on the glass reducing fatigue but providing exceptional deep scrubbing.
  • Boars hair brush has a 14" cleaning width or you can use with the double brush adapter for a total of 26"
  • Available in 3 different sizes of goosenecks, 4”, 8” & 16”, all adjustable goosenecks for added strength

Zero Degree or Dual Spray Nozzles

  • Available in single zero degree or with both dual spray zero degree and fan nozzles.
  • Zero degree is preferred by many because it allows for controlled rinsing within the frames
  • Fan nozzles utilize a unique angle spray that allows for getter rinsing of hydrophobic windows but with much improved control for rinsing

Back Scrub

  • Works along with the aluminum adjustable goosenecks
  • Uses a standard 10” washer sleeve (shown without sleeve)
  • Adjustable for different scrubbing needs
  • Can be used with bronze wool sleeves as well
  • Wide 10” area makes the Back Scrub easy to use and control at different heights

Adjustable Goosenecks

  • Available in different lengths to allow cleaning in hard to reach areas or windows with deep insets 3 different sizes available, 4” adjustable plastic, 8” adjustable aluminum, 16” adjustable aluminum
  • Goosenecks all accommodate standard Euro thread for versatility
  • Large adjustment knob makes changing the angle easy with no tools required

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