Pre -Treat Charging, Window Cleaning, Multi-Purpose Buckets

The Pulex, multi-purpose rectangular bucket was designed mainly for window cleaning or floor waxing. Can be fitted with casters, single hooks, double hooks, or a stainless steel drain sieve.  They come in four colors; Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow with the option of the matching bucket lid.  The window bucket is 19" x 10" x 10" and 2.75lbs.  The lid for the multi-purpose rectangular bucket fits bucket tightly to prevent spills and keeps the product from drying out.

The window bucket caster is another option for your window bucket. Set of 4 casters for use with a multi-purpose rectangular bucket. Makes maneuvering the bucket easy, especially when used for floor finishing and maintenance.  They are made of plastic/nylon with steel stems.

The stainless steel drain sieve can be fitted into the window bucket.  It's 16.5" x 4" dimensions are great to wring out window washers or cloths.


For use with Microfiber pocket-style and hook and loop-style wet mop pads, surface pads or cloths.


Our buckets are ideal for moistening microfiber mops for cleaning and disinfecting and keeping them that way until you’re ready to use them. They feature a water-tight lid; this means you can turn the bucket upside down to make sure your cleaning or disinfecting solution completely soaks your microfiber mops. In fact, that’s the correct way to use this type of bucket to “charge” your microfiber mops. This type of bucket is sometimes called a top down mop bucket. The microfiber mop bucket is made from durable plastic which is smooth and non-porous which helps prevent bacteria growth and also cleans up easily. The bucket features a carrying handle with grips which is convenient for carrying it from room to room. 

The "charge & discharge bucket" are designed especially for healthcare and classroom cleaning. 

Color-coded buckets (orange bucket for cleaning solution, gray bucket for soiled mops).

6-gallon buckets - each bucket holds up to 25 Microfiber wet pads, generally enough for one housekeeper for one shift using one pad per room.

Exclusive color coding - orange for cleaning solution, gray for soiled mops and cloths.

Ergonomic - no bending or pulling.

Molded-in filling guide, 3/4 gallon of cleaning solution 10 mops (1 3/4 gallon to treat 25 mops).

Watertight lid.

Smooth, non-porous surface helps prevent bacterial growth and cleans up easily.