Microfiber Tube String Mop

Product Details: 
Wash up to 200 times
Super absorbent
Fits conventional mop hardware

The IPC Eagle innovative Microfiber Tube String Mop is made from 100% microfiber fabric sewn into tubes to form the “yarn” of the  mop. Because microfiber has millions of microscopic fibers,  it picks up dirt and absorbs liquids far better than traditional  mop yarn. An excellent choice for general purpose cleaning or spill pickup. As an added bonus, the wide headband is made  of a rough scrubber cloth that can be used to remove dried-on  dirt. Plus, we offer a three color coding system to prevent cross - contamination.  It simply has the best performing string mop  available. For use with narrow-band or wide-band style handles. 


  • All the Power of Microfiber in a Tubed End Mop Design - This microfiber mop is the answer to the traditional cotton string mop. More absorbent than any cotton mop, and it dries twice as fast!

  • Won’t Get Tangled - The design of our Microfiber String Mop ensures  even coverage without tangling during use or the laundering process. 

  • Great for Spills - Highly recommended for cleaning up spills and leaving a  dry surface behind. It is a great choice for restaurants, including fast food,  grocery or convenience stores or any other application where spills are  common. 

  • Machine Washable! - Save money over traditional  cotton mops that wear fast after several launderings.  This mop will stand up through hundreds of washings. 

  • Increase Your Productivity by Ordering Yours Today!  - Our Microfiber products are so efficient and easy to use, you’ll almost feel lazy! You’ll be finished with the job in a fraction of the time!  


Last longer and cleans better than traditional cotton mops. Wash up to 200 times. Super absorbent great for picking up  large amounts of liquid. Rinses easily allowing extended use before replacement. Fits conventional mop hardware.  

Medium, Blue, Green, & Red 12/cs