Flip Lock II Telescopic Poles

We offer “the right pole for the right height”!


  • 12’ Flip Lock II Fiberglass Telescopic Poles
  • 25’, 35’ or 45’ Flip Lock II Carbon Fiber Telescopic Composite Pole
  • Comes with Safety Green hose that is Ultra Flexible
  • Includes Hose Clamp to allows you to quickly and easily clamp your hose to stop water flow saving time and money. Easily slides for easy access at the bottom of your pole.

Poles have an internal solution hose and easy to use flip locks for fast extension.  They are the strong and lightest poles on the market.  They are easy to walk up walls for quick and easy cleaning no matter what the height.

Goosenecks are available in 4" Adjustable Plastic, 8" Adjustable Aluminum and 16" Adjustable Aluminum.

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