Speed Brush Cleaning Systems

The first brush designed specifically for cleaning glass

(Not a converted truck wash brush!)


The systems are designed to glide on glass with less fatigue which allows you to clean longer and faster.

Specifically engineered soft synthetic bristles “flare out” to glide on the window ensuring all corners and edges are cleaned without damaging window frames

Flared bristles prevent brush block from hitting the frame and reduces noise for building occupants

Utilizes surface area of the bristles to reduce brush strokes, unlike competitors' brushes that clean only with the tips of their bristles

The design allows water to be held between the brush and glass prevents the water deflection of other brushes and allows for a better cleaning and a prolonged use of the water

Speed Brush has a 14" cleaning width and has the option to use a double brush adapter for a total of 26"

Also available in natural bristles (boars hair) for more water retention and a more aggressive scrub