Microfiber Cleaning Systems & Carts

IPC Eagles' Microfiber cleaning tool is designed for use within hospitals, clinics, surgeries and high-risk areas to provide high levels of cleaning, reduced risks of cross contamination and reduced cleaning times over conventional mopping systems. Also ideal for 'spot mopping'.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a very fine and strong synthetic fiber usually composed of two polymers - polyester and polyamide - joined together in a single thread. Polyester has an electrostatic effect that captures and retains dust, while polyamide has an absorptive power that, when combined with water, facilitates and allows the removal of dirt and the degreasing of any type of surface without leaving marks or stains. 

IPC Eagle Microfiber

The innovation of this thread is really in the fact that it is extremely fine - a characteristic that allows the fibers to penetrate the smallest of cracks in surfaces. This results in an in-depth action and can remove even smaller particles of dirt, dust, pollen, and bacteria, making it the ideal material to be used in the healthcare sector or in areas with a bacterial cross contamination risk.

The fibers used in the mops are extremely fine - in fact, they are 100 times finer than a human hair. Furthermore, each microfiber has angular, wedge-shaped edges that create channels in the surface, enabling it to collect dust with a micro-abrasive action. It then traps the dirt right up to the last speck, breaking it down into very miniscule particles that are retained inside the fibers itself. The dimensions of the pores are very small (a few thousandths of a millimeter), hence, the drops left on surfaces evaporate rapidly and the treated area dries very quickly. Microfiber holds 7 times its weight in liquid and can be used for clean, dry and polish every surfaces with excellent results.


Advantages of Microfiber

IPC Eagle Microfiber

  • Very strong and effective cleaning power
  • Dries quickly and very absorbent
  • Can be used on all surfaces - even delicate ones
  • Saves time, labor and money
  • Long lasting - can be washed more than 250 - 300 times
  • Saves on water and quantity of chemical used
  • Ergonomic - microfiber mops are lighter than conventional mops

 Washing Instructions

  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
  • Do Not Use Bleach
  • Maximum washing temperature is 194° F (90° C) on normal agitation and rinse cycle
  • Maximum dry temperature 140° F (60° C)