SC7 Fastracts Extractor

Product Details: 

The 7-gallon self-contained extractors offer portability, ease of operation, and performance. With up to a 17” wide cleaning path, high-speed brush, and dual vacuum motors, the SC7 can clean and dry carpets fast!

  • Capacity 7-gallon model
  • Cleaning paths 17”
  • Patented, 4 wheel design for excellent balance and turning radius
  • Dual vacuum motors for fast dry times
  • Self-adjusting, self-levelling brush eliminates manual adjustment.
  • Easy lift-off recovery bucket with no hose to detach
  • High speed brushes for fast cleaning
  • Adjustable handle and large wheels make climbing stairs and curbs easy
  • Exclusive clamshell body allows for easy service
  • Cleans stairs, floors, and upholstery with optional tools and hoses
  • Vacuum head is offset to clean up to baseboards and corners