Planet B101

Product Details: 
2400 or 2800 watt
110V or 220V

The Planet B101 is designed for working in areas where large amounts of fine dust need to be controlled. The compact size makes the Planet B101 easy to maneuver but doesn’t compromise it’s performance. This system utilizes an innovative system for cleaning the filter. With an internal cyclone design, the large anti-static pleated filter, and the air reversal device for back-flushing the filter, the operator is ensured of long run times.

Entire machine is constructed of powder coated steel for years of durability. The dust is collected in a continuous bag system. A trap door system automatically drops the dust into the bag, simply tie off the bag and cut it when it has reached the desired capacity. Side mounted inlet creates a cyclonic effect assisting in keeping the filter clean and pushing the debris down into the collection point. The Planet Optimum can be ordered in either 110V or 220V.

Large 13 square foot pleated filter made of polyester and aluminum material prevents static electricity. Filter is easily cleaned by means of the air reversal system, filter can also be washed to extend it’s life. HEPA filters are also available.