New in 2017: CT15R Battery-Powered Automatic Scrubber/Carpet Extractor

Product Details: 
4/5 Gallon
14" Brush Drive

The new IPC Eagle CT15R battery-powered roller brush scrubber has the capabilities clean both hard floors and carpets just by simply changing the squeegee blades. The scrubber is designed to clean all floor types, including smooth vinyl, Altro non-slip and tiles, carpeting, wood floors, and many more.  Featuring a 4 Gal. solution tank and 14 in. cleaning width ,the CT15 B35 R can clean up to 13,993 ft²/h and has nearly 2 hours run time.

Eco Mode - The CT15R now comes with Eco Mode which reduces power by 20%, giving longer run time. Eco Mode works by slowing the brush and vacuum motors for floors that have light soiling without reducing the cleaning performance.

Carpet Cleaning - Simply change the suction squeegee bar to the carpet plates and the CT15 B35 R becomes a fully functional carpet cleaner. There is also the option to add an external hose and wand for hard to reach areas.

IPC Eagle new CT15 Roller -  the only walk behind automatic scrubber that can work in reverse and be easily turned into a productive carpet cleaner when equipped with the special and innovative IPC Eagle carpet kit

There is a simplee injection and extraction system, located near the small pump underneath the body of the machine, that puts the water under pressure and sprinkles a detergent solution onto the carpet to be washed. At this stage, the special cylindrical brush starts working, removing spots and stains. 

Finally the powerful vacuum dries it all, completing an outstanding and professional cleaning performance.  

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