Integra - D Orbital Floor Machine 20" and 28"

Product Details: 
Chemical-Free Floor Stripping
Picks Up 2x MORE Dust
Reduces Operator Fatigue
 INTRODUCE the Integra-D Orbital Floor Machine now available in 20” and 28”!

The Integra-D was carefully designed with the user in mind.
A removable and adjustable handle for easy transport, reduced vibration, and easily to stack and slide weights set this machine apart. The Integra-D offers a practically dust-free and chemical-free scrubbing and stripping application. 


  • A uniquely designed floating head completely isolates any handle vibrations – eliminating directional drift and making steering effortless
  • Our Fast Track Vac is designed to pick up maximum dust, reducing cleanup and saving time.
  • The Fast Track Vac is CRI Certified and equipped with an HEPA Media Filtration System.
  • Dual vacuum intake for full coverage of dust pick-up.
  • Removable handle for easy transportation.
  • Adjustable handle for ease of use.
  • 1/4” weights allow for easy stacking and lifting.
  • Ingeniously designed to pick up 80% more grinding residue at the source and on the first pass.



Ideal For Use In The Following Industries:

• Education Facilities

• Cleaning Contractor (BSC)

• Government Facilities

• Retail Facilities

• Healthcare Industry


• and more...