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DustPro 640DP (3Flow)
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Dust Pro Industrial Vacuum

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25 Gallon

25 Gallon Large capacity industrial vacuum with Dual Stacked Tanks. Available in 2, 3 Motor Configurations and 3Flow


Large capacity dry vacuum for construction, manufacturing, and situations where large amounts of debris need to be collected including woodworking and concrete grinding.


  • Dual stacked stainless steel tanks provide filtration and separator in the upper tank and debris collection in the lower tank.  
  • Utilizing a vacuum equalization system allows debris to be captured in a plastic bag for easy disposal.  
  • Large lower tank capacity 19 gallons
  • Ease of empty by separating the two tanks and lower tanks tips to remove debris
  • Fit your application with multiple vacuum head models to choose from
  • Keep the filters clean with a manual filter shaker system, or the auto filter cleaning offered with the 3 Flow
  • Increase filtration level with the optional HEPA filter cartridge
  • Other models and voltages and options available for special order. 

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