BX12 Fastracts Extractor

When you need it cleaned fast!


The BX12 is designed to provide professional cleaning performance. With a standard 150 psi pump, dual vacuums, and an optional in-line heater, the BX12 has the power to reclaim the dirtiest of carpets.

  • Powerful, 150 psi pump and dual vacuum motors with 150” water lift provides for optimum cleaning
  • Available with or without built-in heater
  • Opens like a clam shell, to allow access to motor compartment, guaranteeing fast, inexpensive service
  • Compact design at only 78 pounds provides exceptional portability
  • Sealed waterproof switches are inset at the top of the handle, ensures safety and ease of operation
  • All motors are mounted to a metal baseplate to guarantee long-term durability.
  • All fittings -- such as the strain relief, quick disconnect, etc. -- are fully protected, eliminating breakage during transport, storage and operation\
  • High dump allows for easy emptying into a 5 gallon bucket
  • Vacuum motors are mounted upright (not sideways or upside down), eliminating premature bearing failure
  • Intercooler cools the motor compartment, extending motor life\
  • Stair climbing handle and 10-inch rear wheels for easy transport
  • Cleans stairs and upholstery with optional tools