400 Series Pump Out Vacuum

Product Details: 
Wet/Dry Vacuum with Pump Out
Pumps up to 48 Gallons per minute

Pumps up to 48 Gallons per Minute. Available in 1, 2 Motor Configurations


Rugged and powerful automatic discharge wet vacuum.  Machine will automatically discharge collected water.  
General purpose vacuum for wet application with added productivity of automatic discharge.  Can be used in water recovery applications where a greater amount of water is collected.  Excellent choice for concrete grinding, marble sanding and flood recovery.


  • Automatically discharge recovered water, with incorporated discharge pump
  • Auto Discharge up to 48 gallons per minute with a 25’ vertical rise.  Handles solids up to 3/8”
  • Available in durable 24 gallon polyethylene tank that wont dent or chip, or chemical resistant 19 gallon steel tank that won’t crack or corrode
  • Powerful suction with single or double motor options  
  • Stable and convenient no tip design – utilizes transport handle, two large wheels in back with dual front casters

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