1404 Vacuum Rider Sweeper

Product Details: 
58" Vacuum Sweeper

The 1404 Vacuum Rider Sweeper features a wide range of standard accessories. The 1404 Vacuum Rider Sweeper has a dual-power system and choice of three different brushing methods provides an answer to even the most difficult cleaning situation.

The IPC Eagle 1404 ride on sweeper is one of the larger rear loading models in the range. With a large 150-litre waste container with an automatic rear lifting hopper that empties at the push of a button (see video). The 80cm main brush collects all debris from general waste to stones and leaf litter. The fine dust that is created during the sweeping process is then filtered through the large 6m² panel filter with automatic filter shaker to leave a dust free environment.

The No Dust in Curve (NDC) system moves the side brushes when turning to collect all the dirt that is left on most other machines reducing the number of passes. The Self-Levelling System (SLS) ensures constant brush pressure even on rougher surfaces.

Available is four models depending on the working environment: > Battery only (for inside & out) > Dual-Power (Petrol & Battery) Engine recharges batteries when in use > Dual-Power (Diesel & Battery) Engine recharges batteries when in use > LPG (For inside & out)

  • Cleans 113,000 sq. ft./hr.
  • 58" cleaning path
  • Climbs to 20% incline
  • Large hopper capacity
  • 3 programmable cleaning modes
  • 2 self-cleaning filter system
  • NDC (No Debris in Curve) automatic brush movement while turning
  • SLS (Self Levelling System) automatic main brush pressure control