Unrivaled Smart Vac™ at the Fairfield Career Center

IPC Eagle is at it again!

Our Northern Regional Manager, Mark Hermann is on the scene showing our unrivaled Smart Vac™ at the Fairfield Career Center in Carroll, Ohio with Classic Solutions also of Ohio.

The battery operated Smart Vac™ 464 will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at incredible productivity rates, automatically adjusting to any surface, and even cleans its own filter.

The Fairfield Career Center is one of two main campuses in the Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools district. The Fairfield Career Center is situated on an 80-acre site and the building contains 140,000 square feet.

The Fairfield staff members strive to provide a quality education and truly care about all their students.

Part of how they show they care is by maintaining an immaculate school for their students. We at IPC Eagle love that their facility is clean, but know that we can assist with making it easier and less time consuming to maintain the standard they are accustom to.

We presented them with the Smart Vac™ as an alternative to cleaning their terrazzo floors, classrooms, and libraries.  

They loved how quiet it was and that it could clean their baseboards with ease.


It did a great job of pulling the dust and getting underneath the lockers as well.

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