To Extract or Not Extract???

In a cleaner’s ongoing quest to do more with less, carpet care equipment is no longer tied to just one function — cleaning carpets. With the right machine and attachments, carpet extractors can be transformed into effective tools for cleaning upholstery, cubicle walls, hard flooring and more. 

These multitasking machines can benefit building service contractors and facility managers alike, but it’s often left up to distributors to educate customers about the alternate uses of carpet extractors and justify the expense of a multifunctional piece of equipment.

Facility executives benefit even more when BSCs or in-house cleaners can perform multiple tasks with just one machine since the cleaner can address problems that may arise on the spot. 

"Identifying Alternate Carpet Extractor Functions" By Kassandra Kania - Click to See more


Our full line of box and self-contained fastract extractors will complete the job. Perfect for quick and easy cleanup of rooms and spots in restaurants, hotels, schools, health-care facilities and homes. IPC Eagle offers 5 Fastract Extractors that can be used for multiple applications. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best solution for every surface and our line of extractors is no exception. 

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