IPC's Demoing Where Dreams Come True!

Lenz Field & Sports Complex in Jacksonville, IL is the premier tournament location for competitive teams from all over the Midwest.

Lenz Field contains 6 state-of-the-art synthetic youth baseball and softball fields.

Lenz includes fields covered in Players Turf making it virtually rain out proof and allowing for a variety of different levels of play.  

Mark Hermann our Midwest Regional Manager went out to demo with Masco Packaging & Industrial Supply

Lenz was looking for a way to clean the rubber track and remove peanut shells, sunflower seeds, and other debris from up against the fence.  

Lenz Field & Sports Complex

The SmartVac 464 Sweepers side broom did an exceptional job!  

Lenz Field & Sports Complex

We were also able to sweep the concrete area of garbage, rocks, and other debris.

Lenz Field & Sports Complex

In addition to this field, they have an indoor batting cage area that the SmartVac 464 Sweeper did an exceptional job cleaning.  

It normally will take them 4 hours to clean while we got half the area done in under 15 mins.  

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