IPC Eagle and Cross Contamination Disease Control

The best way to deal with disease is not to treat it but to prevent it, and some strategies are rather simple. For example, experts agree that good personal hygiene is vital to preventing the spread of disease. Another critical component is hygienic cleaning of environmental surfaces, especially those that come into direct contact with skin. In fact, the more we understand about disease and how it is transferred, the clearer the importance of cleaning becomes. That's why so many environmental scientists consider it the first line of defense against infectious disease.


However, not all cleaning tools and methods are alike and not all achieve healthy results. It's important to understand the dangers of cross contamination and the tendency for many tools and processes to actually spread the problem. In fact, a growing number of environmental scientists maintain that it's actually better to not clean than to clean using ineffective methods.


IPC Eagle's Strategy: Remove it

IPC Eagle believes that cleaning is the removal of all unwanted soils and substances, including the invisible realm of microbes if it is to protect health. Regardless of whether cleaning a restroom, kitchen, classroom, or surgery suite the goal must be to remove the maximum amount of contaminants, both seen and unseen.



Brix Cart System

IPC Eagle Brix Carts cleaning solution is designed for a "build your own" application that allows flexibility to create, match and combine a configuration that best meets your individual business needs. An innovation in sustainability - Exclusive technology made from more than 75% high quality recycled plastic promotes environmental protection and sustainable development. Add our Pre -Treat System to Reduce Cross Contamination the Pre -Treat Kit -includes 1 upper & 1 lower support  and/or Add our standard green and gray buckets & lids OR match you color coding system.


Microfiber Mop Pretreat Solutions Process

On average - a pre-treated flat mop has the capability of cleaning between 500 -750 square feet of flooring before it's time to either retreat or place in the discharge bucket.  In healthcare settings the normal procedure is to use ONE mop per room, this ELIMINATES any possibility of cross contamination. This greatly reduces any chance of cross contamination.


Hospital Vacuum

6 Gallon Antibacterial Dry Vacuum with HEPA filters Vacuum specifically designed for hospital environments. The vacuum, hose, and wand are made of antibacterial plastic and has four stages of filtration of which two are HEPA.


IPC Eagle No-Touch Cleaning systems

The No Touch Frame is for maximum hygiene and fast cleaning. It’s made of 100% polypropylene. The unique locking system, with foot operated button, keeps the pocket mop firmly in place. Pressing the button releases the mop. No back bending needed to replace the dirty mop (ergonomic).


Cleano Ultra Pure Water Cleaning System

The Cleano indoor ultrapure water cleaning system is for indoor glass and surfaces. It combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber in a light, compact and entirely mechanical tool (no cords, no batteries, etc).  The Cleano keeps glass clean longer.  With no chemical residue being left behind on the glass dirt will not be attracted, reducing the frequency of cleaning intervals. Fill with pure water from HydroTube™, Hydro Cart or Ready Pure systems.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The Microfiber Cloth is a heavyweight premium microfiber cloth. This cloth is available in 12” or 16” sizes and multiple colors




CIRI (Cleaning Industry Research Institute) H1N1 Cleaning Guidelines


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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