Customer Testimonial on the IPC Eagle HydroCart

So you can hear it straight from the source!

IPC Eagle Product:  HydroCart (with electric module)
IPC Eagle Customer:  Dave Turner, Dr. Squeegee Window Cleaning, NY


Where did you hear about IPC Eagle Products? 
Well I was the “king of research” so I’ve done my homework.  I’ve been looking into all the pure water claims and wasn’t a believer. Kept looking into it for about a year or two.  Although I’ve heard of IPC Eagle I learned more at Window Cleaning Resource and from my window cleaner friend in NYC. 

What got you using IPC Eagle Products for yourself? 
Last year (October 2011) I had to clean the windows of a large A Frame house with a ton of high glass on the north side.  I’m thinking I’m going to need my 40Ft ladder but it was still way too high and not at all safe.  I ended up calling my window cleaner friend and borrowed his HydroCart because I had no other options.  Realizing that I could easily clean this house without getting on a ladder and I could safely clean was amazing.  Plus I did the job in half the time. November 2011 I bought my own HydroCart, it just turned 11,000 gallons thru it.

What do you like about using your HydroCart? 
I enjoy using it, no complaints. I like getting the job done in half the time. The benefits of using pure water are true, I like my HydroCart.  It’s holding up to my expectations.

The picture below is me and my IPC Eagle HydroCart.  This job was full of true divide cut ups, it was mahogany wood frames. The HydroCart saved me at least 2-3 hours using a WFP. It was 3 stories in the rear, not one ladder was used.