Customer Testimonial on the HydroTube and Screen Washer

So you can hear it straight from the source!

IPC Eagle Product: HydroTube and Screen Washer
IPC Eagle Customer: Mark Cope, Washers Of Windows, The "W.O.W." Company

Where did you hear about IPC Eagle Products?
We came across IPC Eagle as we did research on the internet to find the best pure-water cleaning system for our business.

What IPC Eagle product/products are you using?
We purchased the IPC Eagle Hydrotube and the IPC Eagle Screen Washer.

How long have you been using this/these products?
We have had our IPC Eagle equipment for about four months.

What do you like about using this/these products?
The IPC Eagle products completely changed our window cleaning business.  The pure-water cleaning system we purchased from IPC Eagle puts us light years ahead of about 90% of our competitors who are still in the “Stone Age” using squeegees.   Jobs that were once tough or time-consuming are now a breeze with the IPC Eagle Hydrotube and a water-fed pole.  We can now easily clean difficult to reach windows, and French windows go at least twice as fast.   Additionally, the IPC Eagle Screen Washer allows us to demand a higher price than we previously could, and it gets us lots of jobs that we would otherwise miss.  Our competitors can’t afford to include screen washing like we do—our IPC Eagle Screen Washer makes washing screens about three to four times as fast as it would otherwise be!   The bottom line is that our sales revenue per hour (per technician) has increased between 30% and 50% as a direct result of using IPC Eagle cleaning tools. 

Are there any benefits to this product that you’ve found over similar products you’ve used?
We researched almost every available pure-water cleaning system before purchasing the IPC Eagle Hydrotube.  It was definitely the right decision for four main reasons:  First, it is quite durable.  Second, it has a large set of wheels and a tote handle built in—so navigating yards, curbs, or bumpy landscaping is a breeze as you move the equipment around the property.  Third, the filters are very easy to change, and the TDS meter attached directly to the unit makes monitoring the output a cinch.  Fourth, the price of replacement filters is extremely reasonable.  We use our unit all day five or six days a week, and we still only have to replace the filters every two to three weeks, even with the hard water of Texas.   We probably spent more money on squeegee rubber each month (using our old method) than we now spend on filters.

How has this helped your business?
The IPC Eagle products helped us leap-frog almost every competitor in town.  When clients reach our website and see the one-minute demo video of our process (using the IPC Eagle Hydrotube and Screen Washer), we don’t have to say anything else—choosing our company over our competitors is a no-brainer.  The IPC Eagle products have increased our revenue per hour (per technician) by 30% to 50%.  Except for occasional large indoor commercial panes, we no longer use squeegees in our window cleaning business.  The new IPC Eagle system is much easier and vastly superior.