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Sometime you read an article and find that it is spot on with what your products and systems offer. Our CT15 and our Microfiber Systems fall right in line with what Cleanlinks article titled "Tools That Simplify Restroom Cleaning" conveys. Written by Becky Mollenkamp this October article identifies "Equipment that streamlines cleaning processes, as well as operations budgets," in the wonderful world of bathroom maintenance.

"...Rising in popularity for streamlined systems are microscrubbers. These compact versions of autoscrubbers lay down cleaning solution and then vacuum it up to remove soil and leave floors dry. Like steam, they use less water than pressure washers, plus they offer a small footprint that’s well suited to small restrooms or those with hard-to-reach spaces.

Our CT15 is the perfect piece of equipment for compact autoscrubbing.

The CT15 offers:

Exceptional productivity in tight areas.

Scrubs in difficult to reach areas

Solution control with automatic stop (Solenoid valve)

Removable recovery tank

Height-adjustable handle

Easy-to-use control panel

Brush control with delayed automatic stop

CFS (Center Flow System)

High quality performance vacuum

Easy to transport

"Finally, for areas where large machinery isn’t feasible, microfiber is a more effective method for capturing and removing dirt than cloth rags or mops, Spencer says. The rags and mop heads can save time and water, reduce cross-contamination, and may reduce or eliminate cleaning chemicals for many applications."

“Microfiber technology, employed in a variety of ways, has proven to provide a much more effective cleaning product and process than anything else it has replaced,” Spencer says.

Our Microfiber system here at IPC Eagle is unrivalled!  

Here are some of the advanatges of using IPC Eagle Microfiber:

Very strong cleaning power and highly effective

Dries quickly and very absorbent

It can be used on all surfaces - even delicate surfaces

Saves time, labor and money

Long lasting - can be washed more than 250 - 300 times

Saves on water and quantity of chemical used

Ergonomical - microfiber mops are lighter than conventional mops


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