Facilities are Making the Switch from Mops and Buckets to Compact Automatic Scrubbers


Compact automatic scrubbers have been one of the fastest growing segments in the cleaning industry as a considerable amount of facilities are realizing the great number of benefits of using compact scrubbers and are replacing their mops and buckets for them.

Initially, some facilities are hesitant to make the jump from a mop to a scrubber, as the scrubbers are more expensive. But, did you know that the floor scrubbers eventually pay for themselves? According to ISSA’s 540 Cleaning Times, a person using a mop and bucket can only clean up to 1,667 square feet an hour, but with IPC Eagle’s line of compact scrubbers, the floors can be cleaned at a rate of 13,000 to 17,000 square feet an hour. If a standard waged employee were to clean a small store (about 2,000 sq. feet), the time savings/ cost of using the automatic scrubber would result in the machine paying entirely for itself within months.

While being able to clean larger areas at a faster rate, the small size of the automatic scrubbers allows the user to still squeeze into tight spaces, such as aisles, entryways and hallways. When using the adjustable handle, the users are able to fit the scrubbers under tables, desks and chairs as well.

Along with saving money without having to sacrifice the convenience of cleaning small spaces, automatic scrubbers provide many sanitary benefits. When using a mop and bucket, you immediately contaminate the water after the first rinse. Following the rinse, you are simply spreading dirty water around. In fact, you are only removing around 35% of the dirt on the floor. Mops provide less pressure when cleaning the floor as well, resulting in crevices in floors, such as the grout of tile not being cleaned. When using an automatic scrubber, however, you are able to keep a flow of constantly clean water at a high pressure. Because of this, 95% of the dirt is removed, including dirt from grouted tile.

The final key benefit of switching to an automatic scrubber is the prevention of slips and falls. Each year, $34 billion is spent on slip and fall injuries, usually from floors not being fully dried after the use of a mop and bucket. But, IPC Eagle’s compact scrubbers work to instantly dry the floor, therefore preventing any slips and falls.

 With having the ability to save time and money, clean floors better and prevent slips and falls, automatic scrubbers are an obvious choice for many facilities. IPC Eagle is the leading manufacturer in the compact scrubber segment and offers a wide variety of compact scrubbers to fit each individual facility’s needs. To learn more about IPC Eagle’s extensive compact scrubber line or to schedule a demonstration of our products, please call IPC Eagle at 800-486-2775 or email info@ipceagle.com.